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OUR Enrolled Agents Are Tax Superheroes.

Trusting an accountant over an Enrolled Agent is like trusting a mall cop instead of Superman.

Our Enrolled Agents are empowered by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is the highest credential awarded by the IRS and is recognized in all 50 states. Attorneys and CPAs are only licensed on a state by state basis. We deal with the IRS every day. We have dedicated, direct phone access that isn’t available to the general public. Our Enrolled Agents are licensed to practice before an IRS Tax Court and negotiate on your behalf. We are a private tax advocacy group utilizing licensed enrolled agents to maintain our independence to represent you without bias. We are not the IRS or affiliated with any government agency. We do not collect or accept tax payments for any government agency. We are not CPAs or Attorneys. We do not provide any CPA services nor do we accepts any accounting work from you. We do charge a fee for our services and none of this fee goes towards your tax debt.

Why should you trust us?

Because failure is never an option. Ever. We are held to the highest ethical standards. As a condition of our license, we have a fiduciary responsibility to protect you just like an attorney. If we violate our oath, we will be disciplined severely. Unlicensed accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparers are not held accountable for their action by the Department of the Treasury. At any time, they can just walk and leave you to battle the IRS alone. If we make a mistake, we must make it right.

We are the best tax resolution firm in the country for one reason: We get results! We are rigorous and thorough. We only advise our clients to a fair, legal, and final deposition to their tax issue. Our goal is to keep you safe. How? Our resolution process includes plans for your past debt, your present debt, and any future debt.

We are the best tax resolution firm in the country
for one reason: We get results!

Don't Get Bitten by the IRS!
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We’re On Your Side

The IRS has a 95% conviction rate which is the highest of any federal agency. They are trained to spot you out and get you to admit to wrongdoing. You better have us speak to them before you say or do something you will regret. Do you really think you can take on the IRS on your own? Their teeth are sharp, and getting sharper.

Consider this:

  • Most taxpayer are not skillful enough nor are they emotionally equipped to deal with a IRS Revenue Officer. You will be grilled and concealing information is a felony crime. The IRS knows we are guardians of your rights.
  • The IRS is not required to tell you the programs that are available to help you.
  • The IRS is tasked by Congress to collect taxes, NOT to help you save money. Only a licensed enrolled agent can protect you, and the enrolled agents at Taxpayer Rights Advocacy Group are the best in the business

What does it take to get started?

Well, every case is different. There isn’t enough information to provide a total cost of the program. We need to pull transcripts to get the facts of the case to guarantee a resolution. A $299 deposit is all it takes to get us started resolving your case. This deposit will be credited against any resolution. We are a BBB certified business with an A rating, and we offer a full money back guarantee on the final resoultion.

You could choose to go it alone, but the IRS will eventually take action. Any unpaid taxes, which were due in full on April 15 of each year owed, are now considered delinquent by the IRS. They will charge you penalties and interest and will do everything necessary to collect. The IRS will squeeze every cent of tax owed out of you whether it is through wage garnishment or levies on bank accounts.